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The property of Fox Haven is kink owned and operated; and hosts events catering to alternative communities and interests throughout the year for various groups, in a safe and respectful environment.

Fox Haven: Welcome


Situated on a 130 acre private property near Lavigne, Ontario, Canada, Fox Haven includes a beautiful private lake with an island, is criss-crossed by numerous trails, has lovely pine and birch forests, and features stunning granite rock outcroppings of the Canadian Shield.

It was formed as a safe and secluded place where the alternative and the out of the ordinary is celebrated and flourishes. The property is completely private so you can enjoy dressing up in your most stunning and flamboyant clothing, or dressing in nothing at all, without worry of outsiders. Even the lake is private as the property completely surrounds it with no other way of accessing it

You arrive at Fox Haven via a long and winding driveway that passes forest, ponds, granite rock, and wetlands. As you arrive, you’ll probably see naked sunbathers tanning those red behinds on the grassy lawn, people relaxing in the shade of the evergreens, and will probably come across someone being spanked as you walk along the trails in that traverse this beautiful property.

Fox Haven: About




A full kitchen is located in the main cabin and is fully stocked with dishes for groups of 20. Pots, pans, cups, glasses, and a multitude of cooking implements are available to prepare the communal meals that attendees enjoy. Outside, on the deck that overlooks the lake, are multiple BBQ’s and a smoker.


Three large campfires are available, one situated by the dock, one up on Witch’s Rock overlooking the lake, and one in the sand dunes area known as Tatooine.  Attendees can make and enjoy fires when they wish (as long as no fire ban is on).

There will be some wood supplied for the camp. Should that run out, there is lots of wood to be found in the forest. You can also purchase additional firewood in town and donate it to be used during the camp if you do not wish to gather from the woods.



The private lake is surrounded by wilderness. The shores have wildflowers including irises and water lilies. The rock of the Canadian Shield is all about.

There are boats that all attendees are free to use to explore the private lake, swim in the water to cool off, view the water lilies, row over to the island to explore, and maybe even get the chance to watch the beavers as they work.

Boats include rowboats, paddleboats, kayaks, and a canoe.


There is a full washroom with a shower inside the main cabin. There is also a washroom by the sauna.

Additionally, outside there are a three beautiful outdoor showers and a number of outhouses for use on the property. 

Also, attendees can always bathe in the lake.  Having a swim in the spring fed lake is refreshing and can help soothe sore bums. Bathers are encouraged to use biodegradable soap.



Cabin electricity is supplied by solar panels, which is used to power the water pump, fridge, and lights. While this is enough power for food storage, lights, water, meal prep, and clean-up, there is not an unlimited supply of power.

If you are camping and use a CPAP machine, please bring a chargeable battery. We will have it recharged during the day.

Due to the limited power supply, charging personal devices such as phones, is not a priority. Power may be available for personal use when the sun is shining or the generator is running.

High power devices such as hair dryers and hair straighteners are not allowed unless plugged into your own power source that does not feed off of the property.


There is a lovely wood-fired sauna for use by attendees. This is especially nice when the world cools off in the evening.

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Fox Haven has many gardens all about the camp. They include a number by Fort Fabulous that host many herbs and vegetables. These are featured in so many dishes that come out of the kitchen at camp. Another garden is filled with varieties of mint which are great for flavouring teas. There are many varieties of garlic being grown too.

Other gardens have all kinds of flowers. Peonies, dahlias, lilies, roses, giant alliums, and so much more create beautiful splashes of colour.

Fox Haven has also started its own orchard. Apples, pears, plums, cherries, and crab apple trees have been planted. Saskatoon berries, currants, elderberries, raspberries, and grapes also are found by the orchard.


Fox Haven is surrounded by pristine wilderness. The beautiful granite of the Canadian shield can be seen along the lake and forests.

Visitors can explore the many trails that meander throughout the property. While hiking, you may come across one of the many animals that live here including moose, groundhogs, turtles, beaver, frogs, woodpeckers, giant sandhill cranes, and more.

Fox Haven: Services




Around 50 campsites are available. Some are along trails through the forests. Others are on natural rock clearings. A few campsites are in the natural sand dunes area. All are within five minutes of the main buildings and facilities. All sites are on a first come, first choice basis (with the exception of attendees with mobility or medical needs who make prior arrangements with the organizers).


There are two permanent buildings, the Foxes Den and the main cabin which has beds and bedding for 16 people. Both cabins are easily heated using wood-burning stoves. The main cabin overlooks the large grassy hill that leads to the lake and the Foxes Den is nearby at the edge of the forest paths.


The property has room for up to six trailers. The owner of an RV must indicate that they are bringing one during registration by adding an RV reservation (item is free of charge) to their cart during their registration. Please note that, at this time, power and water are not provided at RV spots.

Fox Haven: Inventory


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Fox Haven: About
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