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CanSpanks is a place where your fantasies become a reality. With a lake, indoor public spaces, bunk beds, expansive forests, a classroom, campsites, a woodshed, gardens, kitchen facilities, a private island, and much more! There are so many settings for scenes and all kinds of fun. Because the property is 100% secluded and private, there is no worry about outsiders interrupting the event. 

Canspanks events include the following:



CSP - CanSpanks Prep is open for students! Our headmaster is ready to teach its students each day. Discipline and respect for authority is a pillar of CSP's education. We have a full classroom set up with student desks, the teacher's desk, workbooks, and more. Each day there will be a class held, homework given, and more.

In 2023, we had a different class each day including spelling bee, show and tell, a science project, spelling test, and more. Of course, bad behaviour and poor performance necessitated lessons to be interrupted and spankings, strappings, and even a birching to occur.


Each day, various themed activities will be run. A balance of physically active and non-active activities will occur

Some examples include

  • Crafts like "Turn an old belt into a new strap"

  • Try out special implements for yourself including tawses, martinets, and more!

  • Spanking-themed games

  • Life drawing with a red-bummed model

  • Garage Sale - Find the perfect spanking implements or sell/trade your older ones!

We are always looking for volunteers to suggest or run activities! Do you have ideas for something you want to see happen or run? Please contact us and let us know! We would love to have you involved!



Three meals each day and a snack are included with your registration.

After you purchase your ticket, you will fill out a form that will include questions about dietary restrictions.

Our Chief Kitchen Caner will be working to plan a menu that takes into consideration allergies and dietary restrictions such as vegetarians options, lactose intolerance, etc.

All attendees will sign up to assist with either making a meal or assisting with a clean up shift. This enables us to keep the cost down and also helps form a community as we work together to make delicious communal meals!

Do you have cooking skills? Could you help by being in charge of supervising a few others to make a meal for the camp? Please contact us and let us know!!


Throughout the week, nature excursions will be led throughout Fox Haven's wilderness including hikes, kayaking, swimming, and more. Of course, with Fox Haven being so private and secluded, spankings may occur anywhere on the property. With birch and willow trees growing all about, switches can easily be cut and prepared too!



The fun at CanSpanks doesn't stop just because the sun goes down! The nighttime can be a beautiful and exciting time! During the evenings at camp there may be a campfire with s'more roasting, a movie night where the film shown was chosen because it features a spanking scene, a wonderfully relaxing time in the wood-fired sauna, a mesmerizing time star gazing, and much more!


Experts will present workshops or presentations on various topics related to our fetishes that will introduce attendees to new ideas or aspects.

Topics might include:

  • Therapy Spanking – What is it?

  • Cutting Switches - cutting, cleaning, birch rods, etc

  • Other punishments – Soap & Lines and beyond

  • Aftercare

Do you have an idea for a topic you’d like to see discussed? Is there something you want to do a presentation on? We’d love to have you add to our programming!

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